Vincent Mu-Huai Fang
Ingredients from Taiwan. Assembled and made in USA.
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New events in October: 1. Go away, virus! Continuous infection from Vincent to mommy, and mommy to Connor. (My personal experience is this kind of sickness will last at least two weeks plus heavy coughing. Connor is no exception even if he's drinking breast milk. So lately he's been refusing to eat any solid food; I hope he'd enjoy it once he recovers, otherwise I have no clue what to do with him.) 馬麻總是說:底迪可愛 葛格帥氣 可是我也想當帥哥耶~ 2. Becoming a city farmer Dean在林口租了一塊九瓶大的農地當起城市農夫,每週六固定到田裡享受“腰酸背痛 汗流浹背”的感覺。據他說法,土地會產生一種治療系的感覺,沈澱他每週上班疲憊的心靈。As for Vincent, he's been quite enjoying putting his hands in the dirt and getting muddy all over. 3. raising spot-legged tree frogs 斑腿樹蛙 放生後的樹蛙 We captured at least six tadpoles from a pond near our farm and it turned out these tadpoles are spot-legged tree frogs 斑腿樹蛙. Vincent was very excited to raise a bunch of tadpoles and later on we took them to his class so that the kids can observe the growth of these small creatures. So far two of them have become tree frogs already; their destiny? Well, we'd have terminated their lives because their are exotic spices and will threat our local tree frogs, however, we're afraid this action will harm Vincent's little pure mind so we decided to put the frogs back to the pond again. 就是在這抓到樹蛙的 小小農夫系列之我們租的田 當農夫不容易 佑華第一次拿鋤頭 連溝都弄不直 小胖的農夫裝 別看他很神勇 其實看到蚯蚓就整個人“倒彈” Connor and Mommy enjoy staying under the shade 4. A stylish, fashionable and opinionated three-year-old Vincent Vincent is at the age which he likes to choose what to wear each morning, from top to bottom, period. Sometimes it's really hard to persuade him what not to wear and if the clothes he likes is still in the washer waiting to be dried, he will throw a temper tantrum immediately. And being a mom of a three years old means telling a lot of "white lies". For instance, he has a camouflage T-shirt with a "Big Brother" logo on it but he told me yesterday he doesn't want to wear any "big brother" T-shirt, so I told him that shirt means "soldier", and he bought